A Couple of Logos

Copyright Fus Communications

Copyright Fus Communications

Here’s a taste of our 2009 in-house logo designs. 
Designs by our magnificent Mahla Zahedi.

The way we see it; branding design is a multibazillion dollar industry. And so it should be – your brand is your business’ primary asset. It  follows you into the boardroom, it enters the hands of your clients, and it represents the services, reputation and style of your company. Here’s how we see it; Your brand image is like the clothing for your company; and boy does it pay to dress sharp.

If you’re sorting out your branding strategy, keep in mind that your designer should find the unique style that compliments your company’s greatest assets. Some might say that designers are like expert fashion consultant for your brand. They keep their finger on the pulse of communication strategies and printing technologies to tailor the perfect message for your clients.

Here are some neat links to other websites that discuss logos and logo trends;

fUS has stumbled upon some other neat blogs and websites that feature logo designs and trends: http://justcreativedesign.com/2009/01/07/logo-design-trends-2009/




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